Located in Northwest Portland, Oregon, Brooke Buzzi practices a transformative and unique form of bodywork called Rolfing® Structural Integration. Brooke is passionate about working with her clients and helping them to be their happiest, most balanced, and best-feeling selves!

Brooke Buzzi, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Keeping our bodies healthy and happy is one of the most important things we can do! The way your body feels affects how you work, play, sleep, and how you do pretty much anything. If there is an imbalance or misalignment in the body, it hurts one’s ability to be active, negatively affects mood, and generally damages quality of life. These imbalances can be due to a traumatic event, or even just from the aggregated effects of daily habits, such as posture or deskwork. Many of us may not realize the latent stresses that can be held in the body and the negative impacts they are having on our lives.

Rolfing sessions target these imbalances and can promote:

  • Injury healing and prevention
  • Improvement in posture
  • Reduce stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Increased athletic performance and stamina
  • Improved digestive function and enhanced circulation
  • And make you dance better!

The benefits to rolfing don’t end there. See what Rolfing can do for you by scheduling a session with Brooke today. You owe it to your body!